-Published by Amelia L.

We recently attended my little cousin’s sweet sixteen party here. And I must say, I really like the facilities at Charisma. You’ll see that the venue is spacious, clean, and laid out nicely.

We all had a great time at the party and my little cousin thought the night was a success.


-Published by Sandra L.

Event Date March 31, 2018:
Just wanted to thank you for making my daughter’s baby shower so special! There’s so much to say. Let’s start from the beginning the party coordinator was awesome and attentive. The DJ music was awesome. The food was awesome! The Venetian dessert table was the highlight of the shower! We loved the sparklers. The only thing that I did not like is that the event went too fast lol! Next time I will definitely add an extra hour! Thank you to Cynthia for making sure everything went well! If you need a place to rent Charisma is a must go to!
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-Published by Johnny S.

My wife and I just had our wedding reception at Charisma ballroom this Saturday. There are no words to describe the excellence and professionalism of everyone at the Charisma Ballroom.. everyone treated us like family throughout the entire planning experience and of course, during our reception. Our expectations were blown away when we saw all of our details come to life, thanks to all of the hardworking staff. None of this would have been possible without Joseph helping me and answering all of my questions leading up to the reception. People are still reaching out to tell me what an awesome event we had, and how delicious the food awhich nowadays is rare. I’ve always loved Charisma Ballroom but now they hold a very special place in my heart, thank you again so very much.


-Published by Adriana P.

Where do I begin? Let’s just say perfection. The owner understood my vision and helped it become a reality for my daughters sweet 16. We were able to set up and the staff was there the whole time making sure it was how I wanted it set up. The manager was so sweet! She made sure my girls were comfortable then set up there entrance. She made sure everything was going smoothly. The staff was so great the bartender was awesome and friendly. Now for the DJ he nailed exactly what I wanted. I have a diverse crowd and everyone was happy. I am extremely happy with my choice of picking charisma ballroom. I would definitely recommend it. Honestly I wouldn’t even believe the negative posts! I believe people treat you how you treat them. The entire staff was so kind!!! From day 1.


-Published by She J.

My mom threw my baby shower here and it was beyond amazing. Jackie was beyond helpful through out all the planning and the day of (I can’t remember her name but she’s pregnant) she was very helpful and attentive as well. For a person like me that is a perfectionist and likes things a specific way and my hormones on 100 at the same time they definitely made my first (and last) baby shower a memorable one. Joseph was cool too even tho we argued about plates, it was all beautiful. Dj Ross is also amazing!!!


-Published by Melanie B.

Had my daughter’s sweet 16 Friday, May 11, 2018. Everyone had a BLAST! The staff was great, decorations were beautiful, and the food was delicious! The special effects lighting added a nice touch. Family and friends wanted to party all night. EVERYONE left Charisma smiling! The fact that only one event can take place at a time is a definite plus for Charisma. Joseph, Natalie, Jacqie, and Cynthia, thank you for your pre-party planning guidance. Definite spot for our next party!


-Published by Trish B.

I had my daughters Sweet 16 on 6/24/16. The party exceeded our expectations. My guests were impressed with the venue, decor, food and DJ. We had a wonderful time. The staff really cared about making my daughter feel comfortable and making the event a success! I highly recommend Charisma. It’s fairly priced and I have no regrets. It was a beautiful celebration that will be remembered for a lifetime. You must pick the fruit/dessert table, the guests loved it fireworks and all!


-Published by Doris B.

Celebrated my daughter’s sweet 16 @ Charisma ballroom and I have to admit my daughter had a wonderful time as well as the family. Staff was very attentive and friendly, DJ played music that was requested and food the was delectable. Thanks Charisma for a memorable experience.


-Published by Johanna C.

Loved this place. They were very good to work with. Made my life so much easier. My guests were complementing me on the place, food was good. Def recommend. They do try to make their money though, like charging for having a candy table or them using china rather than paper plates. Either way, they were very nice to work with. Check them out!


-Published by Gricel S.

Just had my husbands 50th party at Charismas. The reason I chose this place was because the decoration are out dated. Seems funny right lol I wanted it to go with the 70s theme so decor went perfect. I booked this venue in the beginning of the year with Cynthia. I thought she was a doll. I loved how she handled herself in a professional manner. She broke everything down to us. Jackie was my life saver she helped me out in so many ways. I really did appreciate that. The hostess was helpful as well. I did have a few issues and it was that I was told (like the previous reviewer comments). That I was going to get assistance with setting up what ever I needed as long as I gave them instructions. So the day before I drop off my items and was told something totally different. The day of the event came everything stated out great. But as time was passing by we noticed the ac was not working properly. It was like dancing in Sauna. Also we were told we had 7 workers taking care of us. Other than that it turned out great.


-Published by Matt K.

My family celebrated my daughter’s Sweet 16 at Charisma Ballroom last night (April1, 2011) and I would like to share the positive experience we had with them. I’ve been in the party planning/entertainment business for over 20 years and have hosted and performed at countless events but had never heard of Charisma. We booked the location largely in part of my daughter falling in love with the place.

During the four months from when we booked to the event date, I had experienced some reservations based on inconsistent information between the banquet manager and some staff. Again, since I had never heard of Charisma or even come across someone who had an event there, I just did not know what to expect.

Charisma staff did an excellent job in preparing the room just as we had requested including setup of our candles, rose petals, etc. I must share the only comment that my guests made upon entering the room was “wow”. The room was beautifully lit, a projector illuminated my daughter’s name on the large screens and DJ Ross set the mood with upbeat background music. The compliments continued all through the evening and we are receiving great comments the day after.

I must compliment the staff at our event including Jay, Anthony and the young Colombian girl, who went out of their way to make sure that every detail of the buffet setup, dessert setup, table decoration, and candle lighting were perfect. Their attention to detail was greatly appreciated and it was reflected in the wonderful comments from our guests. I also would like to thank Mr. Joseph, the banquet manager, for ensuring that all aspects of the event were completed smoothly.

I only had two minor issues with Charisma – the two plasma televisions (that were to be included in our payment of the Photo Montage package) were not working on the day of our affair. Also, despite testing our photo montage a week before the event, the video froze on their laptop at the last 30 seconds. While slightly annoying, it did not negatively impact the overall party mood and I would encourage them to upgrade and repair the necessary equipment.

Lastly, DJ Ross did an excellent job – he worked our play list and supplemented with appropriate and upbeat songs – our guests had a great time. As an entertainer, it’s usually difficult for me to be satisfied by another DJ, but Ross impressed me. Great job.

I am pleased to recommend the Charisma Ballroom and encourage you to consider them during your event planning.


-Published by Margaret F.

Today was my daughter’s Sweet 16 party and I can’t begin to tell you how pleased I was. The food was great. The staff was great, and the music (DJ) was out of this world. Thank you Charisma was a party my daughter will never forget.